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Loxandra Ensemble
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In Transition
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Ethno / World / Greece
The favourites of the international world music scene are here once again. Following two acclaimed albums and a break of more than 5 years, the eight-member Loxandra Ensemble is finally back with some new music. "In Transition" is the result – their most compelling and coherent work to date. This album marks a creative transition for the ensemble, featuring new members and some of their own compositions for the first time. The centuries-old music tradition of the melting pot that is Greece comes together with modern times and the here and now. At times infectious and danceable such as on "Kai Ti Den Kano", at times reflective and subdued such as on "Ipirotiko". Framed by the powerful vocals of lead singer Ria Ellinidou, which beguilingly float over the compositions, lending the album a distinctive note.
#3 of the World Music Charts Europe in May 2018
Nominated for the ''Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik''


A 4 stars review of Loxandra Ensemble album 'In Transition' on Dalit-Music, in Songlines #141, October 2018.
A quote: 'In Transition' is a life-affirming and deeply satisfying recording that anyone with an interest in the eastern Mediterranean will enjoy greatly."
“Influences from elsewhere are imported freely, in order to be artificially interwoven into their own structures.” Ton Maas in mixedworldmusic.com
“This is undoubtedly the best thing you can hear these days from the wide area of the Mediterranean!” Dani Heyvaert in rootstime.be
"The Greek band delivers a superb mix of traditional Greek music, Turkish influences, Gypsy swing, Sephardic, salsa, Middle Eastern and Balkan sounds." Angel Romero in World Music Central.org



A selection of international reviews on In Transition:
www.songlines.co.uk/ October 2018 (#141)
Interview with Loukas Metaxas:











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