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Armenian Emmanuel Hovhannisyan is an absolute prodigy and one of the most outstanding contemporary musicians of his homeland. Born in Yerevan in 1983, Hovhannisyan is a master of his instrument, the duduk – a woodwind instrument usually made of apricot wood that is considered to be the national instrument of Armenia. The origin of the duduk in Armenia can be traced back to 1200 BC.

It is almost like magic, the way that Emmanuel Hovhannisyan playing his duduk can captivate and cast a spell over the listener from the very first seconds. He has demonstrated his extraordinary talent countless times before as a member of such outstanding ensembles as the "Nagash Ensemble", the "Tagharan Ancient Music Ensemble" and the "Gurdjieff Ensemble".

With the "Emmanuel Hovhannisyan & Emotion Band" project, Emmanuel Hovhannisyan is now performing for the first time as a solo artist. In the pieces exclusively composed by him, the Armenian weaves together filigree jazz textures with the ancient musical traditions of his homeland. And he does this with such naturalness that one would think the Caucasus was the birthplace of jazz. Emmanuel Hovhannisyan is congenially backed by the "Emotion Band", made up of the Armenian jazz musicians Khachik Sahakyan (keyboards), Eduard Harutyunyan (percussion) and Levon Arakelyan (cello).



Emmanuel Hovhannisyan - duduk
Khachik Sahakyan - keyboards
Eduard Harutyunyan - percussion
Levon Arakelyan - cello





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Iliodromio (GR)

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Emmanuel Hovhannisyan & Emotion Band (ARM)

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